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Nothing is ever as it appears to be. And no truer words have ever been spoken or written. One of the 'greatest' benefits of the 'Great' Awakening is that it pushes us to look beneath the surface, to peel back the veil and to see beyond the horizon. Expansiveness is key here. That doesn't mean we just believe everything we read or hear - or - that we blindly accept any and all narratives that come our way. However, we must dramatically expand the range of possibilities in our reality. We must widen our field of view. We must consider the true definition of 'real' versus 'unreal'. We owe it to ourselves to look carefully at EVERYTHING... not just what we are familiar with or what's safe. Gyeorgos Hatonn, the author of most of the Phoenix Journals, put it clearly when he said, "you are taught erroneously to avoid knowledge and instructed to walk your journey in the sleep state of semi-consciousness and blot out that which makes  you uneasy..." And thus 'removing the veil' is really about confronting what is challenging, even if that confrontation is shocking.

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