Satan: Real or Fantasy?


Satan: Real or Fantasy?

— SANANDA  FRI., NOV. 3, 1989 |YEAR 3, DAY 079 

What is “real” and what is “fantasy”? For ye ones who have made most serious and open inquisition, I can only ask you in return--is Christ real? Was Jesus real? Is St. Germain real? Was he a figment of Ballards' imaginations? Is there an Angel Gabriel, Michael, Raphael . . . .? Was there a Buddah? What about Mohammad? If these ones are “real” then so must Satan be “real”. Perhaps you must look from the other side of existence to understand. If you could truly understand that you in existence at this moment are thought forms--illusion manifestations, then you could easily understand that God creator within self creates and manifests. The energy source and force is available to all ones and through higher being recognition a “thing” or “being” is manifested. It is far easier to “believe” in evil than in goodness for there is so much more of it. The Satanic energy is allowed to literally take over a body and energy field in the human being--sometimes also within animals of lower forms if it suits his purpose.  

These are energy forms (souls) which have been displaced from their original placement within the heavens and they must seek dwelling and experience. They seek it and find it within man. Oh yes, indeed, demonic possession is most real indeed. Further, at Satanic rituals these demonic energies manifest into quite visible format. They, however, do not commit of the evil “ACT”; they can only influence the accepting entity to act in their behalf. These evil demonic energies are actually quite distressed at this time for many humans have gone beyond that which is acceptable unto Satan. When man is teaching Satan some lessons in evil, you are in real bad trouble!  

THERE IS NO HUMAN, PHYSICAL MANNER IN WHICH TO “FIGHT” THIS TREND IN WICKEDNESS FOR IT IS AN ENERGY FORM AND IT MUST BE DEALT WITH AT THAT SAME LEVEL. If it is attacking at the subconscious level then it can be brought forth and forced to depart in most instances. If, however, it is full-blown possession, even death of the human only intensifies intent of the evil energy. This is one major reason it is most foolish to murder a truly vile evil criminal. 

That energy will cycle back almost immediately and in some instances does not even await the birth of a babe. Satanic energy will take over any vulnerable inhabitant -- the higher in power and politics, the better targeted. It then returns to spread even more and greater evil. 

These evil energy forms have grown into the vilest and continue to cycle through and through anyone available and open for they have already separated from the God source and their full intent is to wreck havoc within the universal order--through the human format.  

Do not be misled into thinking Satan DOES NOT exist for evil energy most surely does exist and you are not sophisticated enough to separate the two. If you were in control of that in-depth knowledge you would not be inquiring as to the validity of a Satan! Let me repeat of my previously told story unto mine ones. In the beginning Satan was God's second-in-command, chief among all His angels, the beautiful and beloved Lucifer. The service IT performed in God's behalf was to enhance the spiritual growth of human beings through the use of testing and temptation--just as you test your own children in school so as to enhance their growth. Satan, therefore was primarily a teacher of mankind, which is why it was called Lucifer, “THE LIGHT BEARER”.  

The original meaning of the words “Satan” and “devil” were not synonymous, as they are used today. The terms “devil” and “diabolic” come from the Greek verb diabalein, meaning simply “to oppose”. The word “Satan” commonly meant “adversary”. In your bible, God Himself supposedly stated that He was proceeding “Balaam” as a Satan. Seeing the necessity for mankind to be tested and tempted by something in opposition to His own will, God delegated this oppositional (diabolic and adversarial-satanic) function to the chief of His archangels. AND YOU HAD BETTER BELIEVE THIS BROTHER OF MINE HAS THE POWER AND THE ABILITY TO PULL OFF HIS JOB IN PERFECTION! 

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