Pleiadians Put Dr. Fauci on Blast in 1989



— HATONN  SUN., OCT. 22, 1989 | YEAR 3, DAY 067 

WIKIPEDIA: "In a 2020 interview with The Guardian, (Anthony) Fauci remarked, 'My career and my identity has really been defined by HIV.' He was one of the leading researchers during the AIDS epidemic in the early 1980s. In 1981, he and his team of researchers began looking for a vaccine or treatment for this novel virus, though they would meet a number of obstacles. In October 1988, protesters came to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Fauci, who had become the institute's director in 1984, bore the brunt of the anger from the LGBTQ+ community who were largely ignored by the government. Leading AIDS activist Larry Kramer attacked Fauci relentlessly in the media. He called him an 'incompetent idiot' and a 'pill-pushing' tool of the medical establishment." 

PLEIADIAN COMMANDER HATONN (1989): Theories regarding the origins of AIDS, a retrovirus, are abundant, ranging from the nefarious CIA/WHO/NCI conspiracy theories, to Green Monkeys, to God's wrath against the poor homosexuals, to laboratory accidents or intentional contamination of smallpox and/or Hepatitis B vaccines. Some even consider it "natural evolution". Some of these are more compelling than others, while a few require a rather remarkable ability to weave together circumstantial information into a hair-raising scenario of communist world domination through the agencies of WHO (World Health Organization) and the NCI (National Cancer Institute) and, I believe you all recognize the CIA. Well, I have no hair to be raised but it most surely would stand on end if I did have such!  

The latter scenario makes for interesting perspective but actually, friends, it can do nothing except distract you from what needs to be done, at this given time. I will say that along with being deliberate, the ones at the helm also have the ability to cure it and will not allow you, as a general populace access to the apparatus. This is your problem. If you feel that your elected caretakers would not do these things unto you, then I suggest you read faster, all the books we present unto you.  

You must consider the possibility of conspiracy because of your Government's abysmal history of using the American public as unwitting participants in "experiments" of dubious scientific merit. A small sampling includes the various "mind control" drug programs uncovered by the Church Committee hearings of 1975 (and that was more than a decade past)---to name a few so you can look them up to satisfy yourselves: BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, CHATTER, MK-ULTRA AND MK-NAOMI . . . . The violations of your proclaimed human and civil rights revealed through those hearings should have been beyond your belief--and apparently were!  

Want a "funny paper" truth? How about the big TURKEY FEATHER CAPER of 1950! Your Army carried out a program in which turkey feathers infected with cereal rust spores were released over a crop of oats to determine the feasibility of using this method to initiate a cereal rust epidemic. Also in 1950, the Navy sprayed a cloud of bacteria in San Francisco to determine air-borne dispersion patterns in biological warfare applications of this type. While the Navy claimed that the bacillus used was harmless, there was one death attributed to the exercise, and thousands of residents came down with a flu-like disease. Now, brothers, these things are all documented -- TRY a book called A HIGHER FORM OF KILLING --- if you can find it. Publication was stopped. If you allow of it---so will publication of this be stopped. Life or death, it is up to you.  

Now understand clearly, these things above were almost a half century past. Do you believe the perpetrators have been idle in forty to fifty years? (VR - Nearly 75 years as of this post in 2021!) 

The list of "civilian" medical experiments is very long, and includes the exposure of unknowing victims to, among other things you will recognize, Whooping cough, Pellegra, Beri-Beri, Yellow fever, the good old Plague, countless drugs and toxins, exposure to dioxin, better known as Agent Orange --- any of you good buddies from Viet Nam remember that one? Do any of you remember giving permission or signing an informed consent form? 

I do wish to make a point of one instance because it is notorious in its "dubious" scientific value -- labeled Tuskegee Syphilis Study. This study was undertaken by your U.S. Public Health Service, the predecessor of what today you label Centers of Disease Control (CDC). Now, this one does go back beyond half a century which should certainly make my point if anything will. The study monitored the progress of untreated syphilis in 400 poor, uneducated Black men in Tuskegee, Alabama. They were never told that they had the disease, and were denied treatment until 1972, when an outraged worker stumbled onto the still-ongoing study (forty years later), and blew the whistle. In the face of nationwide condemnation of the project the renamed CDC condoned the study for being "APPROPRIATE FOR ITS TIME"!  

Oh, you say, well the higher ups probably didn't condone such a thing--read on. The CDC director who approved continued funding for this particular project in 1969, Dr. David Spencer, (I like to give credit when earned), became the New York City Health Commissioner, and a key player in AIDS policy in the early 1980's!!! In light of previous excesses, it appears to me and my colleagues, that one cannot just lightly dismiss the speculations of experimentation and cover-up as the mere ravings of a lunatic fringe element of citizenry. The probability would seem quite high that the AIDS virus is a mutant that was adapted for growth in human cell lines in virology laboratories---and we shall most surely point out THE FACTS unto you for your perusal.  

Your own medical literature has commented on the genetic homology of the AIDS virus with the bovine leukemia virus, bovine syncytial virus, and "maedi visna", a retrovirus that is endemic to sheep. In virology circles this sort of genetic similarity is rarely considered a coincidence, and in fact several very prestigious and respected virologists have publicly stated that it is unlikely that the AIDS virus could have arisen "de novo", or "naturally". Now, even in these realms, the quite rank and vulgar jokes regarding sheep herders and cowboys does not even seem amusing for it puts holes in the theory of AIDS being a homosexual limited disease.  

Further compounding the possibility that this virus might be a laboratory creation is the National Cancer Institute's (NCI) thirty year history of uncontrollable cell-line contamination. The notorious HeLa cell, a particularly virulent cancer first isolated from a cervical tumor, has contaminated virtually every experimental cancer cell culture since the early 1950's. (Uncomfortable yet?) This, friends, in face of the most stringent attempts at isolation and sterilization known to man. I point this out only to get your undivided attention and illustrate the "possibility" that the AIDS virus is another famous escapee from the test tubes of NCI. You, as a public, have no way of knowing and it would be most unlikely the perpetrators would volunteer such information to an already angry public citizenry. Well, forget the "MONKEY THEORIES" also -- all of them. Just as human was created as man and not monkey, so did the AIDS virus not spring from monkeys. It may appear quite similar but other than that there isn't any connection.

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