October 17th 2021: The Hunt for Red October



— By Veil Removed | YEAR 34, DAY 062

Today is the 17th... an auspicious number to be sure. < Mr. Q 17 > Tomorrow is the 18th... the much discussed 'potential' default of the United States Corporation. While the collapse of the current central banking system of the United States (AKA the 'Federal' Reserve system) cannot be avoided... it's unlikely that it will happen tomorrow. 

The resolution to temporarily increase the US debt ceiling and thus our continued printing of Monopoly Money was approved by the Senate and the House this last week and signed by China Joe. The proverbial can was literally kicked down the road to early December. 

I think it's natural to want this to happen right now. A US default on it's debts sounds great, and it will be the logical next step forward to initiate a financial reset and hopefully a new quantum financial system. The Biden Regime is infested with agents of the Dark Brotherhood.... including many globalists who would love to relinquish our sovereignty. However, it is, at this exact moment, uncertain if that timing of a total financial reset is ideal. 

If you've been watching this blog or the New Templars' Telegram closely, you have seen many references to Benjamin Fulford, Magenta Pixie, The Phoenix Journals etc. and these are good places to expand your awareness. In addition, many are still mining the archives of Qanon posts, searching for nuggets of insight into what happens next. 

The four-year anniversary of the first Q post is just days away. The Satanic “holiday” of Halloween looms close, and the world is still very much in the grips of 'plandemic” related upheaval and increased bifurcation/polarity.

The bottom line from me (Veil Removed) is that whether it's the 17th, 18th, 28th or 31st... or if it's an “October Surprise” or “Red October” or any other projection or blip on the collective probability field... we must always be aware that the changes and evolution of society and our collective consciousness moving forward are – and will always be – a reflection of the choice we make and the intentions and focal points that we select and energize.

I cannot stress enough that the timelines we energize and “make real” with collective intent will always have the highest chance of becoming cohesive and stable. The Dark Brotherhood thrives on ignorance, confusion, disarray, fragmentation and chaos. Conversely, the Lighted Brotherhood lovingly encourages us to be calm, focused, grounded and of pure intent. 

The choices you sustain now with a confident, open and loving spirit are the ones that will “stick”. Do not be fooled by your own speculation and desire to see beyond the now moment. - VR

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