Joseph Biden Exposed by Pleiadians in the 1990's


joe biden exposed by pleiadians

— 1990-1991

The following are excerpts from the Phoenix Journals: MOSSAD CONNECTION, GOD SAID LET THERE BE LIGHT & THE DARK CHARADE - all written three decades ago!

< 1990 > "[Richard Thornburgh] is entangled to his eyes in contributions (bribes) with one who is chairman of the Senate JUDICIAL Committee, Joeseph Biden (D-Del) and your loudest mouth in behalf of "Israel First". Is it any wonder that your judicial system has fallen into the pig-pen? Just a teaser perhaps: according to the August 7, 1990 filing with the Federal Election Commission by Citizens for Biden, on June 27, 1990, the Kirkpatrick and Lockhart PAC donated $2,000 to the Biden campaign. At the time of his appointment as Attorney General in August 1988, Thornburgh was a partner in the Pittsburgh office of that firm. Thornburgh has been with the firm since 1959. Thornburgh held a lot of leverage over the Delaware Democrat and that explains Biden's persistent refusal to take congressional action after a string of scandals erupted around Thornburgh in these past six months. You ones are going to find the circle closing and see how YOU ARE CAUGHT IN THE NET--NONE OF YOU WILL ESCAPE THE DECEIT AND GLOBAL PLAN!" - PLEIADIAN COMMANDER HATONN > THU., SEP. 27, 1990 | YEAR 4 DAY 42 - THE MOSSAD CONNECTION: A PHOENIX JOURNAL 

< 1991 > "Oh yes, you will keep seeing the Elite traitors' names pop up over and over again--I remind you, the Elite constitute a mere less than 3% of your population--and ALL of the rest of you destined to be the enslaved! Senator Dennis DeConcini (D-AZ) and Senator Howard Metzenbaum (D-OH) have introduced legislation as part of the Biden Crime Package which bans the sale of virtually all so-called "assault" rifles. An amalgamation of HR-7, HR19, and this bill are likely to pass along with the Bush Crime Bill by summer or fall--unless a Monumental pro-gun effort is launched to stop this juggernaut. George Bush, who has been a closet gun control advocate since his days as a Congressman from Texas has been joined by former presidents Ford, Nixon and Reagan in advocating gun control. With the credibility of four U.S. presidents, the present gun control momentum is going to be very difficult to stop." - PLEIADIAN COMMANDER HATONN > MON., MAY 20, 1991 | MONDAY, MAY 20, 1991 | YEAR 4, DAY 277 - GOD SAID LET THERE BE LIGHT: A PHOENIX JOURNAL

< 1991 > "You are in such massively unprotected state, dear ones, that it has no matter whatsoever to you as to what actually has happened again at Chernobyl. You are wide open and overdue direct and immediate attack and you still believe the good old “government” is going to raise the bugle and ride to your rescue--THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ARE YOUR ENEMIES. Every nation involved in this massive buildup of destruction, including Israel, has massive and individual underground security bunkers for the population--YOU HAVE NOTHING! AND MOREOVER YOU SEE THE DIRECT ATTACK BY THE KHAZARIAN ISRAELI FACTION IN OPEN FORUM IN YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT. Dear ones, Sen. Biden who chairs the committee hearing for confirmation of Thomas is ONE OF THE LEADING PRO-ISRAEL FIRST LEADERS. You are watching the direct attack through and by the Israeli special interest groups and massive input by the Israeli Lobby into the direct act of destroying your Constitutional form of government and everything else that is “freedom” in your nation and you twitter over the “naughty” words utilized. Oh, brothers, your nation is sick unto death and you cannot seem to see."  - PLEIADIAN COMMANDER HATONN > MON., OCT. 14, 1991 | YEAR 5, DAY 059 - THE DARK CHARADE:  A PHOENIX JOURNAL

VR: It appears quite evident that Joseph Biden was most certainly "on the radar" of the Pleiadians and the Ashtar Command going back to the very beginnings of The Phoenix Journals in 1989. The irony is that this focus of the Pleiadians on "China Joe" was not because he was a criminal mastermind or an elite power broker - but because he was a complicit and willing lackey of the Deep State and the Dark Brotherhood of the New World Order from the jump. His entire career spanning decades in D.C. is nothing more than one socialist-communist-satanist move after another. His policies have never changed... even now: big government, less freedom, reckless spending, corrupt cover-ups and destruction of our sovereignty to foreign interests.

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