Humanoid Robotoids/RNA, DNA Doubles (Genetic/Synthetic)




— HATONN  THU., APR. 4, 1991 | YEAR 4, DAY 231 

I believe you can understand that as these reproductions are created they become less stable and much less sturdy although they will replicate even to the age category depending on giving additional hormones or witholding same. Then what is not perfected by "natural" growth and aging can be surgically altered.  

 So, what have you? You have a body functioning as a machine and a pretty empty mind of a womb-infant. It becomes very easy to down-load information from one brain to another--especially if there is no preconceived ideas or thoughts in the recipient brain. It becomes simple to place the outgoing replica or "person" into a state of imaging and the images in response to questions and input guidelines are extremely rapidly "read off" just like a rapid-fire computer system. Don't be fooled by that which you are not told much about--but there are cameras which can now photograph thoughts--down-loading a mind is nothing and can be completed in only a few brief hours. During this same period of time programming for current and future functioning is integrated. "Flaws" in personality will most often be continually exaggerated and this is that which becomes the problem--that of keeping the entity under control.  

What happens to the original? It goes where all first creations go--the soul departs and goes to its proper placement for progressive experience. The clones, when no longer useful, are simply "dumped". If the expression within the essence is recovered and given again the gift of soul entrance through Grace (and there is no other way, beloved ones) then the "clone" becomes a functioning "whole" and separate entity but will bear the mental rememberings of the original and will pretty much continue the original's experiences. Hence comes the term of terms--"walk-in". Now I remind you ones who like to consider yourselves “walk-ins” for God--forget the concept. Clones are of evil beginnings by any measure of the term. Replacement of energy from into an existing body is indeed of evil. God needs no such fabrications. If God needs a body, He creates one--remember, "Satan" as you call him, cannot create--he must utilize that which is already created--havoc is all that evil one can create.  

So you see, it is not even longer speculative among the scientific community. By combining the techniques of nuclear transfer with those of in-vitro fertilization, the technology for cloning human embryos is now on-line. Using the same basic technique of serial transfer, scientists can duplicate the same embryo over and over again thereby cloning not just embryos but human adults. Scientists have long been able to trick adult body cells, normally differentiated to perform specific tasks, into going backward in time to an early embryonic stage when all the genes were fully turned on and all things were possible. The researchers reached the power to turn back the clock, so to speak, making an adult cell young or duplicating a being at any age level through manipulation. 

You must understand that in the beginning of this idea it was set forth as wondrous to be able to have a second set of organ's, etc., if ever needed for individuals. Well, of course one secret thing led to another until they were taking a cell from an individual, transferring it into an enucleated egg, growing the embryo in culture for a few days, and then putting it into a surrogate uterus. After about six weeks into the embryonic development, the collection of primitive cells called the telencephalon, the forerunner to the higher brain, would be removed and frozen. In this way the body clone "would never develop a brain capable of anything more than secreting hormones and commanding the most basic vegetal bodily functions. It would never perceive pain or love. Without any portion of the higher brain, the body clone would be less human than the fish that graces your dinner table.  

Once the body clone would be grown to the appropriate size by intravenous feeding and hormone injections, it could serve as the equivalent of a brain-dead organ donor, only in this case there would be no rejection of a transplant. Since the clone would have exactly the same genetic makeup as the person from whom it was derived, all its parts--from the facial features to vital organs--could be replaced as though they were the person 's own--which they would be. If now, the desirability is of having a functioning higher brain, then the additional steps would need to be taken to re-establish the telencephalon.  

The problem that many scientists face in cloning is that in the reproducing much of the "personality" which makes a human sexual is lost and also it gets rid of all the very characteristics that are enjoyed about a human. As a matter of fact, as dangerous as the actual cloning of beings is what is happening already on a massive scale--the brain control which causes everyone to act in various controlled manners. How is it that a hundred million Americans watch the Super Bowl, or millions of people buy little plastic disks with scratches on them? Basically this is worse for the perfectly good and functional gifted mind is wasted. The potential for abuse is incredible and so it has become a fact.  

The fact that contents of a brain can be transferred only requires knowledge of the psychochemical way in which memory is stored--and you have known how memory is stored in a computer. With the proper psychochemical balance it is merely a matter of transfer as from one computer disc onto another. With cloned brains and memory transfer, the individual is raised to the nth power--but without the capacity of moral conscience as given unto man in the form of soul. You see, the purpose is not to just serially immortalize but to produce parallel infinity.

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