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— HATONN  WED., JUL. 6, 1994 | YEAR 7, DAY 324

[JULY 1994] As we have written frequently on the subject of surveillance networks, Executive Orders, etc., we have mentioned FINCEN often. I apologize for failure to make it clear what FINCEN is. Among other things it is THE operation recognized in part as THE FINANCIAL CRIME ENFORCEMENT NETWORK. As part of the thrust to monitor and control the American people, the Bush Administration [in 1994] has established the financial crime enforcement center (FINCEN) in Arlington, VA, whereby, through the use of sophisticated computers, the government has combined more than 100 data bases on bank records, criminal suspects, driving records, census data, and myriads of business and financial activities of millions of honest, law-abiding citizens.  FINCEN is the largest government run artificial-intelligence-data base ever established. [As of 1994] FINCEN has over 200 employees from the IRS, the FBI, the Secret Service, and the FDIC and works closely with the BATF, the CIA, and the Defense Intelligence Agency. 

FINCEN acts as a collection point, clearing and distribution center of computerized data for virtually all other government agencies. Data which it receives and redistributes comes from: bank deposits, Fed bank reports, controller of the currency bank reports, FDIC bank reports, census income figures, Customs monetary reports, Secret Service credit reports, and FBI and DEA drug data.  FINCEN currently has access to over 35 financial data bases and they are creating another 100, including computerized land records, real estate records, credit reports, CTRs, Form 8300, bank reports, etc. The models, data, financial patterns, and individual names generated by FINCEN are being shared with the IRS, its Criminal Investigation Division, and state and local governments. Before a recent amendment to the "Right to Financial Privacy Act" passed, these activities were illegal Virtually all of the activities of FINCEN violate the US Constitution's 4th Amendment guarantee of right to privacy.  

FINCEN and US Government officials admit that FINCEN is a trial run for a world system of financial tracking, surveillance, and control. Don't be fooled by this above information because this is only a part of the function of FINCEN. Through the regulations all bank employees become government "spies". That has already happened and you realize it if you have tried to do much banking lately. This is the part to really focus attention: FINCEN'S MISSION is a United Nations-United States Program for a house-to-house search and seizure of property and arms. 

This mission is already under way and being tested in various parts of the U.S. as we write. Along with this will come a census for separation and categorization of men, women and children as would represent "prisoners" in large numbers. The intent is to identify those who will be considered by the government authorities as dangerous for the Law and Order because they will not be ready to fully collaborate for the implementation of a New World Order, and the "transfer" to detention facilities of such prisoners. It is also a network of city, State and Federal Police Forces with the United Nations Multi-Military Forces having direct orders to bring into the United States and Canada foreign military and secret police forces for deployment against North America population. We are not speaking of scattered little units of two or three persons; most identified FINCEN units are at "Company" strength of 160-plus. Some are as large as "Brigade" strength of 2600-plus. I don't know how to reasonably discuss this subject for it deals with mind-control and programming rather than numbers or identification of such units as FINCEN will present.  

The "big, bad boys" have done a good job because there is this interim time where identification of any given "soldier" or "officer" is hidden. Note the use of black uniforms with little identification. In teams such as SWAT, etc., there are black HOODS WORN to further lose identification. Then in the playing-out of games, such as the WACO INCIDENT--programming kicks in and the agents can be totally monitored--but individually there is no concern for full identification. In this manner there is also the ability to take-out problem participants by "friendly" troops, again, without identification or self-fear of discovery. In other words a programmed soldier will be triggered to duty and he is unconcerned about being identified--thus removing the fear of "discovery" which IS, AFTER ALL, THE major reason that people who would otherwise break the laws, do not. For instance, with all the troubles held by Clinton--THREE OF HIS PRIOR BODYGUARDS WERE KILLED BY TEAMMATES AT THE WACO HOLOCAUST! Their deaths were shown as being in the line of duty--BUT THEY CERTAINLY ARE NOT AROUND TO TESTIFY ABOUT CRIMES WHICH WOULD BURY CLINTON. Degan, in Idaho, was SHOT BY A FELLOW OFFICER! THIS WAS A DELIBERATE ASSASSINATION TO PRECIPITATE THE "INCIDENT" AND TAKE-OUT THE PROBLEM MARSHAL. These are "testing" training sessions under battle conditions--do you not see? 

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