Anti-Gravity Disc Craft of the Pleiades


anti-gravity disc craft of the pleiades

— HATONN  THU., NOV. 22, 1990 | YEAR 4 DAY 098 

Let us consider propulsion for the largest number of questions come forth as "How can you travel such distances--how do your craft function?" For travelling through cosmic space, a drive is necessary which surpasses the speed of light by millions of times. But this propulsion can only come into action when the speed of light has already been achieved. From that it follows that a further drive is necessary regulating normal speed up to that of light. This means that a starcraft, or beamship as referred to by the Pleiadians, requires two drive mechanisms, first the normal which accelerates up to the speed of light, and then a second for the hyperdrive, as you might refer to it. A drive then, which generates a million-fold, and even billion-fold, the speed of light, thus producing the hyper-speed by which hyper-space is pierced and penetrated. This is a space in which the mass seems to increase in relationship to the speed attained. So time and space simply collapse, and they become zero time and zero space. This actually means that time and space cease to exist. Thusly, distances of numerous light-years are traversed in a mere fraction of a second--with no lag of time. The actual "time" required to make a journey, say, from Pleiades to Earth is in the speeding up to light speed and the slowing down again at destination. In thought transference there is no time involved what-so-ever except the split seconds required for disassembly and reassembly. The actual time of physical transference by craft is less than ten minutes of your calculations for such a distance.  

You will not be given statistics of detail as to function because you ones have enough toys beyond your ability to control without bringing them into outer-limits of the cosmos. It is not in the best interest of the cosmic brotherhood that Earth human be given the ability to penetrate the cosmic spaces--you have all you, and we, can handle right on your orb and solar space. To great extent, however, many of the problems have been overcome by some of your Earth scientists and the Soviets, as you call them, have developed great technology in space flight and solar exploration. The U.S. has done very well, also, but you all utilize the wondrous technology to produce wars  and not grow in grace, peace, exploration for knowledge and brotherhood in love. In time, you will be given to solve the problems yourself--when the sequence of growth becomes safe for the universal existence.  

Your thrust systems, of course, will work on the basis of light pulses from light emitting drives. Light-emitting drives work for normal propulsion and move the beamships to nearby planets and a safe distance away from an orb and then another drive is activated when the distances are great. We could refer to this second drive mechanism as a hyper-propulsion system, which surpasses time and space. It is a bit hard to describe these systems in Earth terms for your language is different and so are the labels given to such minerals as mercury, which is utilized as well as the various programming crystals necessary for craft apparatus. We refer to things such as "tacheons" which are generated and harnessed in both drive systems with only differing magnitude and attitude.  

Pleiadians predominantly utilize disc-shaped craft, especially for long distance travel, because of the aerodynamic qualities. Once in motion, we ride a "boundary layer" much similar to the principle applied to Tesla's bladeless turbine/pump. The boundary layer, for brief explanation, is the tiny distance, let us say, between the wing of an aircraft and the atmosphere passing across the surface--there is a totally static area untouched by the atmosphere itself to the surface. Once in motion there is nothing that touches the skin surface of the vehicle. The disc-like form, therefore, vouches the least resistance, and also offers the largest surface which rides the energy currents, to enable drives to be most efficient.

This is a bit easier to discuss, and further, is no longer a secret to Earth scientists. The beamship is completely surrounded by a protection-beamgirdle (excuse me, ladies). This allows every interference to simply glide away, without pushing. The same also occurs in the cosmos, which swarms with particles. Therefore, the beam-protection screen functions to protect the ship against all influences and resistances, with anything contacting the screen becoming pushed aside or disintegrated -- as the boundary layer spoken of above. All things which would otherwise penetrate or are resistance-offering are simply diverted without evoking pressures in any manner.  Resistance must be eliminated to reach sufficient speeds for distance travel.  

Removal of this protecting screen brings into play another very important effect which is of great importance--especially to passengers and crew; the glide-away effect of the beam-protection-screen diverts the gravity and attractive forces, and the beamship in effect becomes a micro-planet which can travel at near lightspeed through any atmosphere without any risk at all. The gravity of a planet does not influence the beamship; the passengers feel nothing abnormal and there is no force levied against their beings--just as if they were on a home planet where the balance is adjusted by natural selection and where the planetary gravity is in accordance with their anatomical capabilities.  

In the beamship itself the gravity, of course, is balanced to the passengers and is completely controlled. When passengers on spacecraft from other worlds move in atmospheres alien to them, or on hostile planets with unbearable gravity and atmosphere, they must utilize controlled environment coverings, light "aura" shields and transportable instruments and apparatus to measure, maintain and produce protection for the beings.  

These things will be, and some already are, developed on your planet but Earth human must develop behavior balance before all technical knowledge is allowed perfection for as I stated prior--Earth man always utilizes the wondrous inventions and higher scientific knowledges in detrimental ways. As you develop, the menace is ever present of the Earth human exercising his technical knowledge, abilities and inventions for evil intent and power-control motives. This continues to happen over and over again, not only with Earth humans, but with other humanoid beings on other worlds as well. As man develops these techniques which will allow him into the outer cosmos, he will not longer be allowed to continue this behavior without recourse--he will not be allowed to fly from planet to planet intending to capture and control and become victor over another race. 

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