Angels Don't Play This HAARP



— From MONSTER IN THE WILDERNESS by C. Zickuhr -1994

Electromagnetic radiation has drawn increasing interest in the form of health impact studies and research worldwide. The HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) will generate massive amounts of intentional and some unintentional radiation. The HAARP environmental impact statements deny possible biological effects on humans, citing obsolete IEEE standards that basically say if the radiation isn't causing you to feel heat, it does not harm you. The preponderance of current studies indicate there can be promotion of cancer growth, disorientation, and other negative physical effects from low level, non-heating electromagnetic radiation. Why have our government agencies given their affirmation to something so clearly controversial?  

After searching for answers to HAARP questions for the past year and a half, what has surfaced are very few answers and many more questions. How dangerous is HAARP (some physicists fear severe planetary consequences)? Commenting on HAARP in the April, 1994 issue of Physics and Society, C. L. Herzenberg says "...this technology does present issues that need to be publicly addressed by the technology community". Can HAARP change the ionosphere and weather patterns? Can HAARP disrupt worldwide communications?? Can HAARP damage or destroy wildlife?? Will HAARP radiation change the migration habits of animals that come near it?? Can HAARP cause cancer?? Can the ionospheric effects of HAARP be controlled?? Why has the project been kept low profile and secretive, by the sponsors and the contractor (an ARCO subsidiary)? UPDATE: JUNE 1994--ARCO sold their subsidiary to E-Systems, the 41st largest U.S. defense contractor noted for their counter surveillance work. Why have Alaska's public officials avoided provided serious answers to the public's question?? Anything that can generate these questions deserves the MONSTER title and our serious attention.  

Additional pieces to the puzzle that have shown themselves only serve to heighten speculation that we are not getting clear and concise answers. There is a connection to the recently installed Cray supercomputer at UAF and to the Geophysical Institute there. There is an obvious power requirement that might be met by a proposed coal power plant at Healy, connected by a proposed power distribution intertie. Some of the experiments will require "seeding" the ionosphere with chemicals that could be delivered by rockets from the Poker Flats rocket range near Fairbanks. Patents held by the ARCO subsidiary building HAARP describe a similar ionospheric heater and claim abilities to stop missiles, change weather, and disrupt global communications. The inventor, Bernard Eastlund, claims he was hired by ARCO to find a use for their Alaska North Slope gas de-posits; hence, his inventions described in the patents. Microwave News May/June, 1994 reported Eastlund said "The HAARP project obviously looks a lot like the first step toward this." 

The Gakona location is interesting as it was once destined to become an over-the-horizon radar facility. The Cold War ended before it cold be completely built. This left the military with a remote location with buildings and generating equipment partially completed, and a choice--either restore it to its original natural condition or find another use. HAARP conveniently fits the site. Is the choice of this remote site for these monster transmitters more a factor of fewer people to complain? Does it reduce the number of humans exposed to HAARP transmissions thereby reducing the liability? What about the wildlife in the area, what exposures will they be subjected to? One need only remember experiments of another era that generated nuclear fall-out killing and crippling humans and animals in its path. It only took forty to fifty years to get the agencies involved to admit liability.  

In order to get an idea of just how large the HAARP transmitters are, imagine all the ham radio operators in the United States (there are over 500,000) transmitting at their maximum allowed power from one giant antenna. That still would not be as powerful as HAARP's multi-gigawatt (giga = billion) radiation capability. The average Alaskan ham can communicate across the state with less power than will be in the unintentional harmonics and side-lobes radiated by HAARP.  

What exactly will HAARP do? According to HAARP project documents it will "perturb" the ionosphere with extremely powerful beams of energy. Using polarized, pulsating radio frequency transmissions to perform experiments which include devising methods to destroy the communications capabilities of others (presumably an adversary) while preserving their own communications. Experiments with mirroring and reflecting abilities of the ionosphere (abilities we currently depend on for all forms of communication) will be carried out to see what military purposes may be served by the resulting changes. An apt analogy that springs to mind is that of an inquisitive youngster poking a sleeping bear with a stick, to see what might happen! What will we do once the monster is unleashed?

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